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Intern housing options and how important it is to you !

Updated: May 17

Internships are a critical step for students and young professionals looking to gain valuable experience in their chosen fields. But with this opportunity comes the challenge of finding a place to stay, particularly for those relocating to a new city. In this article, we'll discuss the various intern housing options and the importance of selecting the right accommodation to ensure a positive and productive internship experience.

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Understanding the Importance of Intern Housing

Intern housing is more than just a place to rest your head; it's a foundation for your professional journey. The right housing situation can significantly impact your ability to focus on learning and performing well during your internship. It can influence your daily commute, your budget, your social life, and ultimately, your overall satisfaction with the internship experience.

A Safe and Convenient Base

Intern housing should provide a safe and comfortable environment. It should also be conveniently located to minimize commute time and provide easy access to work specially in Houston, as well as to amenities such as grocery stores, public transportation, and social venues. Although no one can promise individual safety , make sure you perform you due diligence on any given area .

Budget Considerations

Interns often work with limited budgets. Finding affordable housing that doesn't break the bank is crucial. It's important to balance cost with quality to ensure a living situation that supports your well-being and productivity.

Networking and Socializing

Living with or near other interns provides a built-in network of peers who are also starting their professional careers. This can lead to new friendships, professional connections, and a support system of individuals who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of intern life.

Types of Intern Housing Options

When it comes to intern housing, there are several options to consider, each with its own set of advantages and potential drawbacks. Here's a closer look at the most common types of intern housing.

University Dormitories

Many colleges and universities offer summer housing for interns, even if you're not a student at that institution. Dormitories can be an affordable option and are often located near campus resources.

Corporate Housing, temporary housing

Some companies provide corporate housing for their interns. This housing is typically fully furnished and may include amenities such as utilities and Wi-Fi. It's a convenient option, but it may also be more expensive than other alternatives. Corporate housing is a great way to go and most providers only set- up on reputable properties .

Sublets and Temporary Rentals

Subletting an apartment or renting a short-term furnished apartment is a popular choice. However again do your diligence .

Hostels and Co-living Spaces

Hostels and co-living spaces cater to those looking for short-term, budget-friendly accommodations. These options often foster a communal atmosphere and can be a great way to meet new people.

Room Rentals and Homestays

Renting a room in a shared house or opting for a homestay with a local family can provide a more immersive experience. This option allows you to live like a local and can offer a more personalized touch.

Key Considerations When Choosing Intern Housing

Selecting the right housing requires careful consideration of several factors. Here are some key points to keep in mind during your search.

Location and Commute

The proximity of your housing to your internship location is crucial. Consider the distance, transportation options, and travel time to ensure that your commute is manageable. If possible drive time should be no longer than 10 minutes .

Amenities and Services

Think about what amenities are important to you, such as laundry facilities, a fitness center, or a kitchen. Also, consider whether services like cleaning, maintenance, and security are provided.

Budget and Hidden Costs

Determine your housing budget, keeping in mind the potential for hidden costs such as utilities, internet, and transportation expenses. Going unfurnished on a short- term lease can save money with rental furniture and utilities and cable la carte .

Lease Terms and Flexibility

Understand the lease terms, including the length of stay, payment schedules, and policies on early termination or extensions. Flexibility is important, as internships can sometimes change in duration.

Safety and Neighborhood

Research the safety of the neighborhood and the security features of the housing option. Feeling secure in your living environment is essential.

How to Find Intern Housing

Finding the right intern housing can be a daunting task, but with the right approach and resources, you can secure a place that meets your needs. Here are some steps to guide you through the process. At Leasing Solutions we can provide information on furnished and unfurnished temporary housing .

Start Early

Begin your search for temporary housing as soon as you accept your internship offer. The earlier you start, the more options you'll have to choose from.

Utilize Online Resources

Websites like, can help you find housing tailored to interns. Social media groups and forums can also be valuable for leads and advice.

Reach Out to Your Network

Contact friends, family, and professional connections who may have insights or contacts in your internship city. They might know of available rooms or be able to offer recommendations.

Coordinate with Your Employer

Ask your employer if they offer any housing assistance or can recommend options. They may have partnerships with local housing providers or previous interns who can share their experiences.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Intern Housing

Once you've secured your intern housing, there are ways to maximize your living situation to ensure a successful internship.

Connect with Fellow Interns

If you're living with or near other interns, take the opportunity to build relationships. These connections can enhance your personal and professional life.

Set a Budget

Keep track of your expenses and stick to a budget to avoid financial stress during your internship.

Respect Your Roommates

If you're sharing housing, be considerate of your roommates. Establish ground rules and communicate openly to maintain a harmonious living environment.

Explore Your Surroundings

Get to know the neighborhood and city you're living in. Exploring your surroundings can enrich your overall experience.


Finding the right intern temporary housing is a critical aspect of your internship experience. It can influence your performance, your well-being, and your enjoyment of the time you spend in a new city. By understanding your options, considering key factors, and utilizing available resources, you can secure housing that supports your professional goals and personal needs.

Remember that while intern housing is temporary, the connections you make and the experiences you have will last far beyond your internship. Choose wisely, and make your intern housing a home away from home that fosters growth, learning, and lasting memories.

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